Denture Services & More in Lethbridge

Have your dentures fallen victim to a stray piece of popcorn or a sticky toffee pudding? There’s a better way to get repairs for your dentures! Lethbridge residents choose Black & Gilmore Denture Clinic Ltd, where we handle repairs to cracked, chipped and broken dentures. Our experienced denturists will also provide rebasing and relining, so you can get back to eating what you love. Give us a call to book an appointment.

Why Take Your Dentures to Our Lethbridge Clinic?

Whether you’ve been wearing dentures for years or in the planning stage for your extractions, you can expect personalized, attentive service and knowledgeable advice from our team. For those that wear dentures, our Lethbridge denturists will walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect and how to properly care for your dentures. Since 1981, our team has been creating dramatically new smiles through the use of implant-supported, partial and complete dentures. In the Lethbridge area? Give us a call to get started, today!

Dental Implants in Lethbridge

An alternative to dentures are dental implants, replacement tooth roots that provide a foundation for both fixed and removable replacement teeth. The implants remain in place allowing for improved speech, comfort and eating when compared to dentures, which may slide or come to fit incorrectly. If they are properly cared for, many implants can even last a lifetime. For more information on dental implants in Lethbridge, contact our denturists.

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We fit patients for:

  • Complete dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Dentures over implants
  • Implants
  • Soft liners
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We offer services, including:

  • Relines
  • Repairs
  • Rebases
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